What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly. – Richard Bach



We offer no standardised solutions. Our creative process is tailor-made and is dictated by your very specific problem.


Our uniquely structured method begins with a deep-dive discovery which is essential to understanding your situation and setting the right diagnosis. A good surgeon will not prescribe a hip replacement, when good orthopaedic shoe insoles are what you need to get you up and running. In the same way, we will not take your order for a re-design of your website, when you actually need good photos and a communications strategy.

Out of many years of experience, we can safely say that the time spent on this phase will save you many thousands of CHF,€,$.. in the later phases and is crucial for the overall success. 


As a next step we go through an agile road-mapping process, where we laser-focus on the core issues, while making strategic plans for long-term mindset shift and rapid yet sustainable change.

To transform your situation and turn your vision into reality you must answer the big questions: 


WHAT DO WE DO? How is it different than what others are doing?

WHY DOES IT MATTER? What is our purpose beyond making money?

We then compose a task-force of your key people, supported by external experts as needed, combining skillsets of business and brand strategy, creativity, design and aesthetics*. *Aesthetic it’s the language of feeling, and, in a society that’s information-rich and time-poor, people value feeling more than information.

Together, we go beyond the obvious to find the freshest ideas.


Strategy alone is not enough. Execution – read creativity – is what turns the logic into magic. That is the most delicate part and therefore we manage and oversee the process to make sure that the strategy is implemented as designed. 

"A combination of good strategy and poor execution is like a Ferrari with flat tires. It looks good in the specs, but fails on the street." – Marty Neumeier

We work out a roadmap of the implementation process, with an action-plan, timeline and budgets. Depending on the complexity of the action-plan, the required skillset and the available resources, we offer three options for the implementation. 


In all three options we guide and coordinate the process as long as needed, advising, supervising and overseeing the successful implementation of the strategy.   

IN-HOUSE The strategy is executed by your team and existing partners. 

IN&OUT MIX  We compose an external team of talent and new and/or existing partners as needed, which acts as an extension of yours. 


You don’t have the bandwidth? No problem. We take care of everything for you.


"Every time we want to develop further and react innovative to a crisis, we have to honestly ask ourselves which paradigm, which belief system or conviction is currently determining our actions and our thoughts ... and then imagine doing or thinking exactly the opposite." Bertrand Piccard


Dina Baenninger joined as top specialist at the moment when it was about developing and implementing a unique communication strategy during the “reconstruction of the century” of Hotel Storchen Zurich in 2016 and the founding of The Living Circle in 2017. A powerful, versatile team was put together and excellent ideas quickly emerged. The implementation of these ideas was so successful that 40 extremely curious journalists attended the press conference on the opening day. And it was "only" a hotel renovation!


Dina has made an extraordinary contribution to our success through her analytical and complete way of thinking. The variety of ideas and the interplay of these with a wide variety of media (film, social media, blog, FB, Instagram, competitions, etc.) created a tension from closure to reopening that was and still is hard to beat.


Working with Dina was just fun at all times - because she is highly professional, brings along an incredibly broad spectrum of knowledge, can ask very critical questions, and never loses the goal out of sight. And to all of this, she is simply unique as a person.

Thanks Dina and I look forward to more great projects.

—  JÖRG ARNOLD, General Manager 

Storchen & Widder Hotel Zurich by The Living Circle, Switzerland



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