"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the Master calls the butterfly." – Richard Bach

Charisma Nova is a creative agency for strategic transformation – we help businesses to go through a metamorphosis and unleash their potential.

We help companies to adapt to change rapidly, transform their brand & marketing strategy and thus achieve competitive advantage. We advise clients on how to bring about immediate improvement with creative restructuring and innovation and at the same time never lose the long term vision out of site; how to increase their profit by crafting memorable customer experiences and creating extra value for their clients; how to turn their customers into fans, their buyers into brand ambassadors.

Our specialty is steering towards the long term goal while laser-focusing on immediate improvement – now with a particular focus on issues caused by and related to the COVID-19 pandemic: How to survive and thrive during and after the COVID-19 pandemic?


We help clients identify their potential for improvement with a holistic approach to strategic transformation. In a fast paced road-mapping process we work out realistic action plans to ensure not only early momentum but also integral mind-set shift and sustainable change. 

In our skillset, strategy and creativity, business goals and design, pragmatism and aesthetics go hand in hand – a rather rare, but winning combination!

Nothing is achieved alone, and we are fortunate to partner with some of the best and brightest in the international creative industry. Supported by our hand-picked network of outstanding experts, we bridge the gap between strategy and execution and can support you with unique solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.  



Dina Bänninger founded Charisma Nova in 2013, with a mission to help clients to go through a process of strategic metamorphosis and thus unlock their unique potential.  


Gifted with curiosity and great passion to learn, to explore herself and the interconnectedness of things, she moved across disciplines and industries and forged her skills in the most diverse and unorthodox ways. 

She dreamed to be a doctor or a pilot, but "ended up" in design school instead. Won awards, excelled at calligraphy and graduated in fine arts/painting with performance & installation piece. She blossomed in the emerging multimedia producing studies, polished her customer-care and quality management skills in one of the finest Swiss luxury hotels and learned on the go marketing and public relations.
Before founding Charisma Nova, she managed a prestigious global event of the TV and Entertainment industry.

With a unique mix of lightsaber-sharp intellect, esprit and creative brilliance across disciplines, she thrives in problem situations yearning to be solved in ways yet not discovered. Flow is the state of mind that keeps her moving. 
She is the Mastermind & Chief Creative Officer of Charisma Nova. 



Dina Baenninger joined as top specialist at the moment when it was about developing and implementing a unique communication strategy during the “reconstruction of the century” of Hotel Storchen Zurich in 2016 and the founding of The Living Circle in 2017.


She has made an extraordinary contribution to our success through her analytical and complete way of thinking. The variety of ideas and the interplay of these with a wide variety of media (film, social media, blog, FB, Instagram, competitions, etc.) created a tension from closure to reopening that was and still is hard to beat.


Working with Dina was just fun at all times - because she is highly professional, brings along an incredibly broad spectrum of knowledge, can ask very critical questions, and never loses the goal out of sight. And to all of this, she is simply unique as a person.

Thanks Dina and I look forward to more great projects.

—  JÖRG ARNOLD, General Manager 

Storchen & Widder Hotel Zurich by The Living Circle, Switzerland


Creative Agency for Strategic Transformation

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